Learn Ember.js

Ember.js is a framework for building ambitious web applications. As soon as you're able to grasp the concepts behind it, you'll be building great apps with ease. But how to get from the basic level, when you just follow the steps of a tutorial, to being an advanced Ember.js developer?

While writing this book I spend a lot of time on thinking about knowledge crucial to understand features of the Ember.js framework. This isn't yet another extended tutorial which gets you through all the major features, it's a book which aims at getting you familiar with them and their usage.

In Ember.js Book I put a strong emphasis on using best practices. There is a number of things that can be done in more than one way and it's often hard to tell which way is the right one. For that reason I try to always explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of the possible approaches.

What you will be getting?

  • An eBook in multiple formats

    The Book will be released in a few formats: PDF, HTML, ePub and mobi.

  • Complete, tested and runnable code

    The code for all of the examples will be available in a git repository and also as a runnable step. Furthermore, each example will be tested.

  • A full application with tutorial

    Although the book gives you a full overview of Ember.js features, it's not based on one big application that you build while reading. That's why in addition to the book I plan to build a pretty complex application along with a description of the most interesting parts.

  • Free updates for Ember.js 1.x

    Ember.js is constantly improved and new features are added frequently. The book will be updated to always be up to date with new features and best practices.